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Frequently asked questions


How to open a file in the search results?

What is the difference between zone mode and easy mode?

How to search multiple folders at the same time in Easy mode?

How to modify the search scope in zone mode?

What to do if TextSeek shows no search results?

How to change the width or height of the software main window?

Why are the search results of Zone mode and Easy mode different?


Can one license be applied to two computers?

Are upgrades from older versions free?

Did you lose your registration key?

What is the difference between a personal license and a business license?

How to register?


What is the system requirement?

Will TextSeek upload local documents?

Why does TextSeek show "Unable to connect Internet" when I search?

Is there an offline version of TextSeek?

If I cannot select the folder I want, what should I do?

How to uninstall TextSeek?


Why is my search so slow?

Why can't we see the full preview content for a long document?

I want to restore the initial settings, how do I reset TextSeek?