New user guide

Run the setup file, and after several clicks on the "Next" buttons, TextSeek will be installed on your machine.

On the first-time launch, you will go into TextSeek wizard pages.

1. Select display language.

2. Set the zone (zone means search scope, which includes the folders and file types that to be searched). Here TextSeek intelligently set a default zone for you. If you wanna change the zone, click "Edit" (click here to see more). If you confirm the zone, click "Next".

3. Scan the zone (set up in last step) to fetch file content. After several minutes, the "Finish" button will become clickable. Then click it to end wizard pages.

After wizard pages or common launch pages, TextSeek main interface will be shown like below:

TextSeek provides two modes to search: Zone Mode and Easy Mode. You can switch the mode by clicking tab button in the top-right.

Zone mode is used for searching fixed common folders, long-time usage mode. In this mode, the documents in the zones will be scanned in advance, so the search will be quick and all the search results will be fully responsed.
Easy mode is used for out-of-zone folder or frequently-changed search scope, temporary usage mode. In this mode, the documents are not scanned until you click the search button, so the search is slower and it will show the search results as soon as new result is found. The searching will proceed until you click stop button or all the documents in the target folder have been scanned.

Let's introduce zone mode first. On top of the main interface, there is a big search box. Just key in queries (words splited by spaces) and click "Search" (or key press "Enter") , and search results will be shown:

All the search results are present on the left side. You can single-click result link to show document preview on the right side, or double-click result link to open the document. Right-click result link you can have more operations for the document. There are four buttons on the top of right preview panel, which are used for "Open file", "Open folder", "Last hit" and "Next hit", respectively.

TextSeek performs character-by-character search, so you can search "market" to match "Euromarket" or "supermarket". If you wanna search by whole word, just select "match whole word". Also, you can choose one zone to define the search scope. If you wanna change the search scope, click the "Zone Editor" button (beside the zone combo-button) to open Zone Editor (click here to see more).

Then let's switch to easy mode by clicking the "easy mode" tab, and you can see search style become green. In easy mode, you can only search within one folder. After setting with extension and target folder, click search to start, the searching in easy mode will be longer but result will be shown below as soon as new result is found. If you think the search results are enough, click round green button to stop searching.

Advanced feature guide